Thursday, February 2, 2012

Winter's Cold

What I Wear to Bed to Stay Warm:
-long underwear
-sweat pants
-long sleeved t-shirt
-sweatshirt with hood
-wool socks

Layers of Blankets on My Bed:
-mattress pillow-top cover
-fitted sheet
-knit blanket
-fuzzy blanket
-comforter #1
-comforter #2
-throw blanket

Most Common Temperatures According to the Thermostat on the Alarm Clock in My Room, in Descending Order of Most Common:
-55 F
-56 F
-58 F
-59 F
-61 F

Most Common Color of My Nails While in My Room for at Least an Hour, in Descending Order of Most Common:
-pink/peach and white

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bucket list of food

Places to Eat in Provo:
-Malawi's Pizza
-Gloria's Little Italy
-Wild Ginger
-Sensuous Sandwich
-Pita Pit
-Saigon Cafe (Ming's)
-La Dolce Vita
-Norma Jeane's Diner
-Spicy Corea
-Fusian Asian Grill
-Sam Hawk's
-Station 22
-Rocky Mountain Drive In
-Nate's Diner
-Pete's Lunch
-Big Al's
-Tommy's BBQ and Grill
-El Gallo Giro
-Spice Grill
-Tommy's Burgers
-La Jolla Groves
-Two Jack's Pizza
-Spicy Thai
-Four Season's Hot Pot and Dumplings
-Thai Mango
-Braza Express
-The Awful Waffle
-Se Llama Peru
-The Banana Leaf Restaurant

Places to Eat in Orem:
-Jason's Deli
-Noodles & Co.
-Terra Mia
-Shabu Shabu
-Bangkok Grill
-Thai Drift
-Pizzeria 712
-Mountain West Burrito
-Joe's Cafe
-The Chocolate
-Dickey's BBQ pit
-La Puente
-Texas Roadhouse
-Firehouse Subs
-Chef's Table
-Five Guy's
-Callie's Cafe
-La Carreta

Places to Eat in Salt Lake:
-Ali Baba
-O' Falafel
-Red Iguana
-Chow Truck
-African Market
-The Copper Onion
-The Pie
-The Roof
-Little World Chinese Restaurant
-The Lion House
-One World Cafe
-Paradise Bakery
-Les Madeleines
-Elizabeth's Bakery and Tea Shop
-Cedars of Lebanon

(List to be expanded, edited and used)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hadji Bektash-i Veli

Principles of the Bektashi Path
•  Seek and find.
•  Whatever you do, do it for the Truth.
•  There exists in you a “there is” to replace every “there isn't.”
•  He who walks the Path never tires.
•  There is no rank or station higher than the Friend's heart.
•  The one who is wise but doesn't share his wisdom is ignorant.
•  To the ignorant, abandoning what is no longer needed is death; to the wise it is birth.
•  There is no repentance of repentance.
•  Let your heart, your hand, and your table be open to others.
•  Look for the key to all within your deepest being.
•  Whatever you seek, look within.
•  Do not forget your enemy is also a human being.
•  The beauty of human beings is the beauty of their words.
•  If the path appears dark, know that the veil is in your own eyes.
•  All blessings upon the one who overlooks another's shortcomings.
•  All blessings upon the one who makes a secret of secrets.
•  The Word is Truth.
•  Do not hurt others, even if you are hurt.
•  Hand-in-hand, hand in Truth.
•  One hour of meditation is better than seventy years of piety.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Musical Activity

My Top Artists according to Spotify:
-Suprême NTM
-Das Racist
-Jay Z (and Kanye, but they leave him out for some reason)
-The Decemberists

What I actually feel like I listen to the most:
-Chris Thile/Punch Brothers
-Suprême NTM
-Das Racist
-Podcasts on itunes

Other music I enjoy regularly:
-Louise Attack
-Ben L'Oncle Soul
-Raphael Saadiq
-Brittney Spears
-Lil Wayne
-Fleet Foxes

Concerts I've been to recently:
-Punch Brothers (Jackson Hole, WY)
-Saintseneca, etc (House show in Provo, UT)
-Flaming Lips (The Saltair in Magna, UT)
-Bright Eyes (SLC, UT)
-Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros (SLC, UT)
-Fictionist (Provo, UT)
-Mindy Gledhill and some other equally boring musician (Provo, UT)
-some random concert at Muse (Muse Music, Provo, UT)
-Jesse James (Provo, UT)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


What I Accomplished Last Week:
-Packed all my stuff
-Moved it to my new house
-Cleaned my old apartment and checked out
-Wrote and gave a talk in church
-Wrote and gave a lesson in church
-Met a homeless man who gave me a good new perspective on life
-Told a woman how to get to the hospital to meet her daughter who was in labor
-Went to a free Bright Eyes concert
-Ate a Liege waffle
-Helped other people move and clean
-Made a podcast (it's not a real thing yet)
-Forced people to listen to Dolly Parton
-Rode my bike
-Took a friend to the airport
-Took off my glasses and jumped in the pool
-Hung out with Argentines
-Went to the temple with a roommate
-Hung out on a hammock
-Went to a bonfire
-Watched a lighter explode in said bonfire
-Talked about stuff with people (very ambiguous rhetoric)
-Went to a wedding reception for one of my favorite people in this world
-Got visit taught
-Ate a free dinner care of institute funds from the ward
-Hung out at the hospital cafeteria and saw the usual random people there, including the guy who stole my bike lock (and gave it back ten minutes later)

Monday, July 18, 2011


What to do for fun:
-Bike rides
-Open more and more accounts for things on the internet
-Start a band
-Learn the lyrics to a random song
-Txtmsg random people
-Read articles/talks/devotionals/random stuff online
-Stalk someone on facebook
-Actually do homework
-Go to ward activities
-Find someone who looks bored and start talking to them
-Eat something
-Play the guitar
-Make lists
-Call someone on the phone
-Read lots of blogs
-Write a blog post
-Write a letter
-Write in a journal
-Paint nails
-Bake something
-Go for a walk
-Go for a drive
-Go shopping
-Plan out a schedule for the next week, semester, whatever
-Look for jobs/housing/graduate programs
-Think about new hobbies to start
-Doodle on a piece of paper
-Drop by a friend's house just to see if they are there
-Watch tv/movies
-Go running
-Go to the gym

Friday, July 8, 2011

What to do the first week of July in Riverside, California

Things to do when visiting family:
-Go to Disneyland for a day
-Ride Star Tours at least twice while there, along with Pirates and Thunder Mountain
-See Cars 2 with all the children
-Go out with old friends a few times
-Push the nieces on the swingset in the backyard
-Spend time with a german shepherd
-Talk about what's going on in Provo, Mesa, Nashville, or Riverside these days
-Go watch fireworks at a family friend's house
-Watch Mt Rubidoux catch on fire just a few minutes into the fireworks show
-Wait for a long time to see if the fireworks will start up again-- mostly wait for the fires to be under control
-Watch roman candles in the field close by catch the field on fire
-Get bitten by mosquitoes and have those bug bites swell up to ridiculous sizes
-Don't even open thesis related work
-Finish off that book almost a year after starting it
-Go to Costco
-Go to the Galleria at Tyler
-Go to Von's and Trader Joe's
-Eat lots
-Macerate some meyer lemons from the backyard
-Make shaker lemon pie
-Make world peace cookies (aka chocolate korova?)
-Bring a loaf of avocado pound cake in suitcase to share with family, while leaving a dozen muffins for the roommates
-Text people a lot when bored
-Watch Harry Potter 1 with the nephew who had just finished the book a few days earlier
-Play the piano, mostly when no one's home
-Eat thrifty's ice cream sandwiches
-Let a niece be entertained endlessly by emoticons on gchat (the blue crying face is the best)
-Play basketball with family or just solo
-Ride a bike with flat tires that are also completely deteriorating and think about buying new tires for it for the future, but never follow through on that
-Spend time with family, alone and together
-Sleep in most days
-Listen to awesome testimonies in church about how great and tall trees are